Winter Savory Organic Essential oil, 5 ml

by Provensina
Culture : Organic
Famille : Lamiacées
Profil Biochimique : Bornéol, Carvacrol, Carvacrol methyl ether, G-terpinène, Paracymène, Thymol
Organe : Head in blossom, steam distillation
Origine : Eastern Europe

Winter savory is a small aromatic shrub with rose flowers, that can reach up to 50cm high. It grows on rocky and grassy soils such as Provence. According to the period when the winter savory is cropped, the chemical composition of its essential oil may vary. It is used as a medical plant and as a flavor for food. In the Middle-Ages, it was said to have aphrodisiac values. There exists another specie of savory, the garden savory (satureja hortensis), which has similar properties.

Olfactory note : Aromatic

Caution :
Caustic on the skin.
Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding, nor for children under 7.
Do not use for people who have a past history of seizures (convulsions) and / or essential oils allergies.
A doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted for any specific therapeutic indication or for any oral therapy.

0.17 fl.oz

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