Ultrasonic Diffuser With Light

by Provensina

The glass made Essential Oils Brume Ultrasonic diffuser spreads in your interior a concentrated perfumed mist and create a soothing lighting atmosphere

- An oval shape, with discreet and elegant design.

- A diffusion of essential oil by ultrasound.

- It can create a light ambiance with the possibility of lighting or of switching off the light during the diffusion. The color can also change.

Instructions for use : You can easily change the atmosphere by changing essential oils according to your mood. We recommend you to diffuse only pure essential oils, preferably organic ones.

Pay attention to follow the user guide and the maintenance advices. Instructions for maintenance : It is advised to renew the water in the water tank frequently and to clean the diffuser two to three times a week to prevent spotting and possible unpleasant odor caused by germs or deterioration resulting from water stain. Change water at every essential oil change.

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