Fresh Ginger Essential Oil, 5 ml

by Provensina

Culture : Biologique
Family : Zingibéracées
Biochemical Profile : α-zingibérène, β-sesquiphellandrène
Organ : Rhizome, distillé à la vapeur d'eau
Origin : Madagascar
It is the rhizome that is harvested for distillation. Ginger essential oil smells of lemon and earth, with notes of pepper and orange.
Because of the strong scent of this essential oil, mix with another essential oil or a citrus scent.
Store away from light and heat.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use for people who have a past history of seizures (convulsions) and / or essential oils allergies.
A doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted for any specific therapeutic indication or for any oral therapy.

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