Mosquito Repellent Lotion, 90 ml

by Provensina
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Florame mosquito repellent lotion, with proven efficacy, is the ideal ally to keep mosquitoes away and avoid their stings.

It will accompany you in all your journeys.

The synergy of palmarosa, citronella and peppermint essential oil releases fresh and fine fragrances.

Proven efficacy against
- Culex pipiens standard mosquito
- Aedes aegypti mediterranean mosquito
- Anopheles gambiae tropical mosquito
- Musca domestica fly domesticates

Instruction for use
Apply 5 sprays for a surface equivalent to an arm (one spray = 0.2g is for a 300cm² surface). Renew the application of the product at the most twice a day while respecting an interval of 1 hour between every use. Immediate action. Effective until 1 hour for the tropical mosquito Anopheles gambiae and till 2 hours for the other sorts (species)

Caution before use
Do not use for pregnant or breast-feeding women, nor for children under 7. Do not use on the face. Do not expose to the sun after application. The preventive effect of this stick does not allow insuring a total protection against the diseases bound to the stings. By security measure, use only for the planned customs and according to the instructions for use. In case of ingestion, consult immediately a doctor and show him the packaging or the label. Contact the closest poisons unit.

Use biocides with cautions. Before any use, read the label and the information concerning the product.

Subtilaus kvapo eterinių aliejų (citrinžolių, eukalipto, pipirmėtės bei pačiulės) mišinio dėka galite mėgautis ramia vasara be uodų. Tepti galima 5 kartus per dieną, kas 1 valandą.

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