Maillette Lavender Essential oil, 10 ml

by Provensina
Culture : Organic
Famille : Lamiacées
Profil Biochimique : Acétate de linalyle, B-caryophyllène, Linalol
Organe : Flowers, steam distillation
Origine : France
Olfactory note : Floral

Native from Provence and from the same family as fine lavender, it is obtained by cutting of this last one. This sub-shrub has the particularity to be very appreciated by bees. Well-known for its good tolerance to bad weather and variations of climate, the maillette lavender allows to obtain very good returns when it is distillated.

Directions for use* :
- Air diffusion
- Dry and humid inhalation and passive diffusion
- Dilute in a small quantity of shampoo – 3 to 4 drops by shampoo
- For external use, dilute in a vegetable oil

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