Hemp Crude Vegetable Oil, 50 ml

by Provensina


Description: Hemp oil is a beauty oil for skins subject to redness and rosacea. With its action on micro circulation, it purifies and unifies the complexion.
It is particularly effective as a decongestant, to fight against swollen and puffy features. It is also a soothing oil, perfectly suited to men for a gentle after shave.
Hemp oil also has a relaxing effect on muscles, its application in massages is very beneficial. Hemp oil contains up to 75% unsaturated essential fatty acids and 2.5% gamma linolenic acids, giving it numerous properties: dehydrating, firming, and regenerating for the skin.

Hemp Crude Oil, known for its revitalizing properties, is particularly suitable for fragile skin care. It is also used to protect and rejuvenate mature skin.

Hemp oil:
-Restarts microcirculation

Directions for use : apply morning and evening, gently massaging over the face, body or hair.

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