Hazelnut Organic Vegetable Oil, 50 ml

by Provensina


Description: Hazelnut vegetable oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and vitamins A and E. Known for it nourishing and skin regenerative properties, it is recommended for sensitive skins. Its fluid texture is quickly absorbed by skin and does not leave an oily film. It is an excellent daily oil for oily skins.

Instructions for use : Can be used pure or combined with essential oils for massages. Apply by light massage on a perfectly cleansed skin as a skin care.


Lazdyno riešutų aliejus praturtintas monosočiosiomis rūgštimis (Omega 9) ir vitaminais A ir E. Atjaunina ir maitina jautrią, linkusią raudonuoti odą. Ypatingai lakus ir įsigeria į odą nepalikdamas riebumo pojūčio. Tinka riebiai odai. Tinka naudoti ir ryte ir vakare.

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