Eau de Toilette "Exquisite Fruits", 100 ml

by Provensina

Description: Eau de Toilette by Florame is only produced using organic and natural ingredients i.e. nature's true concentrates. These high-quality fragrance creations protect the skin and reveal their inner beauty.

Delicate and exquisite are what describes this Eau de Toilette best. The sensual and intensive fragrance notes offer a whirlwind of sweetness in an appealing cloud of fragrance.


Head: Carrot, Rose
Heart: Badiane, Sandalwood
Base: Blackberry, Raspberry, Toffee

The head note is the scent that is distinguishable within the first few minutes of application. The heart note is the scent that is recognizable once the head note has evaporated and determines the characteristical fragrance (heart).
The base note is last in the line of scents and contains long lasting and heavy components.

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