Coriander Organic Essential oil, 5 ml

by Provensina
Description: The dried seeds from the rich, green leafy Coriandrum sativum herb create a fruity, herbaceous, spicy, slightly sweet essential oil that is calming and balancing. This essential oil is similar to rosemary in that it can bring mental clarity, help clear foggy thinking, and potentially work to release blocked mental energy – specifically relating to stress headaches. Coriander essential oil is also a general immune system stimulant and a lovely choice when looking to formulate blends for reducing pain and getting rid of unwanted microbes.

Emotionally and energetically, coriander essential oil is beautifully warming and can help calm nervous energy, assist in reducing stress, and potentially aid in managing situational depression.

Uses: Supports the digestion, helping to relieve wind and stomach cramps. As it is warming and antispasmodic, it may be helpful for some aches and pains. It is reviving and revitalizing and can help aid detoxification.

Caution :
Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding, nor for children under 7.
Do not use for people who have a past history of seizures (convulsions) and / or essential oils allergies.
A doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted for any specific therapeutic indication or for any oral therapy.

0.17 fl.oz

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