Collines De Provence Refill "VETIVER-VANILLA", 200 ml

by Provensina

Quickly and easily reload your Perfumed Bouquet for a new diffusion of your favorite scent.

❀ BOTANICAL NAME : Vetiveria Zizanioides for Vetiver - Vanilla for the Vanilla

❀ ORIGIN : Originally from India, the Vetiver has been introduced in many tropical countries. Formerly, its long leaves were the raw material for the construction of Creole homes. The Vanilla has a long history of intrigue, adventure and magic. In the story, it was a young slave who discovered the process of pollinating the vanilla flower. A legend has been created around this discovery: "angry with his master and to take revenge, he crumbles the vanilla flowers and succeeds in obtaining fertilization".

❀ SYMBOL : The Vetiver has long been used to attract money and protection. The Vanilla is a symbol of gentleness, femininity and delicacies.

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