Collines De Provance scented candle "EBONY-VETIVER", 180 g.

by Provensina

Let yourself be transported by the woody and intense fragrance of scented candle Ebony & Vetiver made in our workshops in Mane, in Haute Provence.

Its perfume with precious essences will intensely perfume your interior. A real olfactory journey to India where vetiver originates. With vegetable wax and with its wick 100% cotton, the scented candle Ebony & Vetiver exhales its fragrance for about 40 hours of burning, according to your desires.

The collection Scented Duos : a scented melody around two fragrances harmoniously chosen by our nose to create original accords!

The scented candles Collines de Provence , made in France, are made in Mane, a typical village in the heart of Haute Provence. Colorful, they are ideal for decorating your home or giving a gift to your friends: Orange, blue, green or even vermilion ... A palette of shimmering colors for a perfumed and decorative gift from 100% manufacturing% French.

With vegetable wax and based on natural ingredients, the scented candle Collines de Provence Ebony & Vetiver will seduce you with its timeless design and its subtle fragrance created by our perfumer from Grasse.

Perfume: Our noses from Grasse, world capital of perfumery, have chosen ebony, a rare and masculine essence, associated with vetiver whose fresh and wooded harmoniously complement the composition: our master wax makers have magnified it in this candle with a fragrance that is both powerful and delicate.

The scent of scented candle Ebony & Vetiver belongs to the “Woody” olfactory family: Discover this note revealing noble woods and oriental spices: a captivating olfactory journey!

In Head Note: Cloves, Cinnamon, Incense

In Heart note: Dark Wood, Iris, Leather chords

In Base Note: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Origin of the perfume: It was in 1957 that vetiver gained its acclaim in perfumery thanks to the Carven house. The roots of this plant from tropical regions contain a resin whose essence offers olfactory notes that are both woody and fresh.

Its fragrance, both fine and earthy, is associated with the essence of majestic ebony, for its warm and woody fragrance.

A subtle balance is born!

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