Collines De Provance Refill "CITRUS INFUSION" 200 ml.

by Provensina

Quickly and easily reload your Citrus Infusion Scented Bouquet with the Recharge Citrus Infusion for a new diffusion of your favorite scent. Thanks to the Citrus Infusion Refill, you can enjoy 2 more diffusions of this sweet and flowery scent.

❀ BOTANICAL NAME: Citrus bergamia

❀ ORIGIN: Originating in Asia, citrus fruits have been appreciated for millennia for their tangy flavors as well as for their exceptional benefits, the beauty secrets of which have been passed down from generation to generation.

❀ VIRTUE: Their sweet and refreshing scent has earned them pride of place in perfumery, where they are used as a sparkling top note, and form the citrus fragrance family. Citrus fruits have calming and relaxing properties, to relieve stress.

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