Celery CONVENTIONAL Essential oil, 5 ml

by Provensina
Description: celery is a familiar plant known in the modern world as a vegetable, but which in the past has long been appreciated for its medicinal properties. This plant has historically been used as a tonic and a natural detoxing agent. The modern aromatherapist would use this therapeutic essential oil in aromatherapy blends to treat cellulite, water retention (female related), digestive problems and as a post illness immune system tonic.
Uses: called as Ajamoda in Ayuverda, Celery seed have been used for thousands of years in treating neurological afflictions, poor digestion, influenza, water retention, high blood pressure, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism, cold, flu, bronchitis, hepatitis, gout, stone formation in gall bladder or kidneys, asthma, dizziness and other ailments related to spleen and liver.

Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding, nor for children under 7.
Do not use for people who have a past history of seizures (convulsions) and / or essential oils allergies.
A doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted for any specific therapeutic indication or for any oral therapy.

0.17 fl.oz

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