Borage/Bourrache Vegetable Oil, 50 ml

by Provensina

Description: Selected from the best organic Borage Seed and cold pressed to preserve its virtues, Florame’s Organic Borage Oil is truly genuine pearl of beauty from the nature. This vegetable oil can be used alone or combined with a few drops of well-chosen essential oils, delicately providing your skin the purest care and nourishment needed. Organic Crude Borage Oil, known for its repairing properties, is particularly suitable for devitalized skin care. It is also recommended for restoring elasticity and tonicity to mature skin.

Borage oil is also known for its regenerating power thanks to the gamma-linolenic acids and the vitamins A, D, E and K which it contains. It is a reference oil for the prevention of wrinkles and brittle nails.

Use: Can be used pure or combined with essential oils for massages. Apply by light massage on a perfectly cleansed skin as a skincare. 


Agurklių aliejus – ypatingai praturtintas polinesočiosiomis riebalų rūgštimis (Omega 6), vitaminais A, D, E ir K. Ypač vertinamas dėl sudėtyje esančios gama linoleno rūgšties (apie 25%). Gerai tinka strijų profilaktikai. Atgaivina, veiksmingai regeneruoja ir atjaunina odą, atstato jos elastingumą ir tonusą, minkština. Tinka sausai, pleiskanotai odai, randams gydyti.

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