Argan Vegetable Oil, 50 ml

by Provensina

Description: Argan vegetable oil is very fluid, with a light hazelnut taste, and contains both fatty acids and vitamin E. Restructuring fatty acids and anti-oxidizing vitamin E are active in preventing from skin ageing. This combination makes Argan oil a key one: anti-wrinkles and tensor, it is ideal for dry and mature skins. It gives them elasticity and suppleness. It also has regenerative and repairing properties. As unction, it strengthens dry and dull hair and gives its shininess back. It also strengthens brittle nails.

Instructions for use : Can be used pure or combined with essential oil for massages. Apply by light massage on a perfectly cleansed skin as a skin care. As a hair mask, apply the oil on the whole hair or just on the ends and leave it for 30 minutes before washing hair.

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