Apricot Kernels Organic Vegetable Oil, 50 ml

by Provensina

Description: Apricot Kernels vegetable oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids (polemic acid), poly-unsaturated acids (linoleum acid), and vitamins A and E. It is ideal for dry and wrinkled skins. Its regenerating action delays skin ageing. It is an alternative to creams for dull and ti white skins. It does not leave any oily film.Selected from the best organic Apricot Kernel and cold pressed to preserve its virtues, Florame’s Organic Apricot Kernel Oil is truly genuine pearl of beauty from the nature. This vegetable oil can be used alone or combined with a few drops of well-chosen essential oils, delicately providing your skin the purest care and nourishment needed.

Product Highlight: For a radiant, vibrant and healthy skin.

Instructions for use : Can be used pure or combined with essential oils for massages. Apply by light massage on a perfectly cleansed skin as a skin care.

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