FLORAME Rebalancing Matifying Fluid, 40ml

by Provensina

The Florame Rebalancing Mattifying Fluid controls combination to oily skin shine up to 8 hours after a single application while revealing a clearer, smoother skin day after day. 

With its silky, light texture, Florame Rebalancing Mattifying Fluid concentrates all the effectiveness of a unique complex of active ingredients from natural origin for both global and targeted treatment of combination to oily skin

Its active formula, enriched with organic Tea Tree and Witch Hazel floral waters and composed with a duo of active ingredients derived from Agarikon and Rose Myrtle Fruit extracts, controls skin shine and instantly tightens pores.

Its complex of Oat-Arrowroot plant powders helps to provide a long-lasting mattifying effect for an optimal shine control up to 8H after a single application

8H mattifying effect after single application
Clinical scoring made under dermatological control on 20 volunteers with combination to oily skin


  • Proven efficacy on the mattifying effect up to 8 hours and on the use of the Fluid, applied twice a day, in routine with Florame Purifying Cleansing Jelly and 2-in-1 Purifying Charcoal Mask from Florame PURETE line
  • An all-in-one treatment for combination to oily skin
  • An eco-friendly packaging : tube made with 39% of post-consumer recycled PE

A specific selection of natural and organic ingredients :

  • Organic Tea Tree Floral Water : cleansing and astringent properties, it is a great ally for combination to oily skin
  • Organic Witch Hazel Floral Water : tonic and astringent, it improves the appearance of the skin
  • Cucumber Extract : this aqueous extract is recognized for its moisturizing powers but also purifying, detoxifying and radiance booster
  • Powders duo from vegetable origin - Organic Arrow Roots and Oat : these natural powders help ensuring the mattifying effect
  • Plants-based origin active ingredients duo from Agaricon & Pink Myrtle : this mushroom extract recognized for its astringent powers suits perfectly with the anti-blemish and mattifying powers of Pink Myrtle

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